Artist Management Services in Green Park, South Delhi

Artist Management Services in South Delhi

DJ Sway

DJ Sway is a Shepreneur working her way up the music ladder since 2013 , her road to fame has been her determination to achieve against the odds. As a musician she is an artist first and her inspiration comes from Thailand based DJ Nakadia. Sway is a soul searching passionate individual living both sides of music creation and business as a way of answering her search. Within her short time span as a female DJ she has evolved from understanding the dynamics of social media and people while having a charming personal side that is encouraged by family and friends to blossom into a strong woman at the helm of the music scene.

Dhruv Sufi

The band is directed by founder, Vocalist and Composer Dhruv Sufi , which is Trained in indian classical & Sufi Music by Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan( Khalifa) & Dr. Anis Ahmed Khan from Delhi Gharana who was soon joined by Writer , Researcher & Composer Suman Mishra from ( Sohrawardi Silsila of Sufi’s) and Tabla Player Meraj Ahmed from( Ajrada Gharana) . Dhruv sufi project is India’s most successful band.

Creative Conceptualization


“Yudi AKA Gaurav ; his past residencies: @ Sunset Ashram ,GOA… Ministry of Sound(IN) : Sutras (china) Playboy(hyderabad) Climax (new delhi)Kuki (new delhi) Flame Le club (chennai)Has a release on Soupherb Records,he has been Djing for almost 17 yrs and He has been consistently pushing the techno/minimal sounds since the early years and he endures to establish murky sounds throughout his sets incorporating cut-throat electronic experimentation with techno and minimal approach via a hybrid setup.”.

Exhibitions, Conferences & Seminars

Swami Harmony

Swami Harami is rapidly gaining global recognition for his electric musical performance and radically inclusive philosphies. Swami Harami was voted as the most favored DJ for 2011 in the good morning goa DJ polls. He has also been nominated as the best house DJ in India by two years in a row.

Venue Consulting and sourcing


Gida is a UK based star having earned a huge international following along with a true to heart Indian spirit. Recently on the MOS( Ministry Of Sound) artist list with this feather in his cap he is taking desi tunes way beyond the ordinary.

Music Programming / Artist Management

Sumit Kutani

Sumit Kutani aka Baba Kutani is a Handpan Player with a vast experience performing at National to International level. From music and film festivals to working with established bands he has taken the Handpan community to a space beyond alternative music to mainstream. His projects in the future are focused on collaborations and helping Handpan music reach masses.

Nightlife Events & Private Parties

Snow Flakes

Hailing from the flatlands of Ahmedabad, India, Snow Flakes has been influencing the playlists of some of the world’s top DJs for over 11 years, performed at some of the best clubs in India, London & Scotland. Snow Flakes is comprised of some serious passion for Music.


Career started in 1996. Nearly 13 years spinning on vinyl only. In 2009 switched to cds and digital setup. 1996 – 1999: bookings at youith centres, school halls and town halls 1999 – 2000 : Resident DJ @ “Magic” (Luneburg) 2001 – 2002 : Resident DJ @ “Max” (Soltau) 2003 – 2004 : Resident DJ @ “Arena” (Rendsburg) 2004 – 2006 : Monthly bookings @ “Roadhouse”(Heide).

Video and Audio Production


DJ LES INSOUMISES (kayza & samar) First djs from Morocco is known for playing Electronic music / deep house / progressive house / Tehcno in 2010 LES INSOUMISES start to play together back to back like a group and was selected to travel in 2013 to asia to participate in big parties and festivals between (Indioa, Thailand, bali, Malaysia..) and they was residents in bg clubs in morocco and big hotels 5 stars this was a great milestone for LES INSOUMISES.

Website & Social Media Management


Anmol Arora also known as AENMOL in the dance music scene, is Indian Electronica DJ, Producer and a Percussionist. His early influences reflects music taste from his generic love of 4/4 while listening to artists like Paji, Nu, Ten Walls, Soul Button, Reinier Zonneveld, Ash Roy, Guy J, Breger, Gardens of God. As an individual producer and performer, AENMOL always try to keep some live elements in his sets, may it be a couple of percussion instruments, or a keyboard or sampler etc, which he uses to create new sound world, which separates him from the standard reproductive character of a DJ. His style of music moves through genres that range from Minimal to Techno, mainly playing Deep House, Progressive, Tech House and Afro House.


Xtrip Music

New Artist in the shadows of time and space creating a tune in the unknown path of life.